Green Cleaning

All EMS Branch locations across the country are CIMS-GB Certified with Honors, and our corporate office is GS-42 Green Seal Certified.

Executive Management Services, Inc. is working to create a healthier environment for tenants, workers and visitors by improving indoor air quality, minimizing exposure to aggressive chemicals, reducing water and air pollution, and reducing packaged waste by using concentrated products. EMS is committed to implementing, in all feasible areas, the right processes, equipment and solutions to respect and preserve the environment.

The Green-n-Clean Program is a high-performance cleaning system designed to protect human health and the environment. Green-n-Clean encompasses tools, products, training and processes focused on promoting cleaning practices that reduce toxicity, waste, and exposure to tenants, workers and visitors. In 2009, EMS achieved the Green Seal GS - 42 Certification, and has remained at the forefront of the green cleaning movement by obtaining CIMS-GB Certification with Honors.

We have done the leg work, so let our knowledge and experience work for you. We can assist as you develop your own green initiatives, and help you earn the necessary credits to achieve your desired certifications.

This cleaning service meets Green Seal Standard GS-42 based on waste minimization, building-specific operational procedures, effective custodial training, and use of products with limits on human & environmental toxicity. GreenSeal.org.